For those of us who live in high-rise apartments and don’t get enough sun, germinating seeds might pose a problem. After learning of a fellow gardener’s success in using heat to germinate her seeds more quickly, with a higher germination rate, I became inspired and set out to do the same. You can use anything from a heating pad, to your CPU, to your fridge’s radiator. But my favorite method is to use tea light candles and an aromatherapy burner.

For this, you will need an aromatherapy burner, tea light candles, small metal cans (preferably with lids), vermiculite, and small pieces of paper.

Fill the tin with some vermiculite. This is to buffer the intensity of the heat so that the seeds are warmed up but not cooked.  The pieces of paper are to hold the seeds so that you don’t need to dig for them amongst the vermiculite.

Fold the piece/s of paper and then bury them in the vermiculite. Place the lid in such a way that there is a small gap for the heat to be released. Light the candle and place the tin on top. (This picture is an old one; please don’t follow it and cap the lid so tight – you’ll cook the seeds instead and they won’t germinate at all).