The first update for this experiment was on July 31, 2010. Today is September 22, 2010. So approximately slightly less than two months have passed.

Observation till date: The pot which has been fertilized with Envizyme shows the plants’ leaves drooping in the daytime (both pots are placed in an area belonging to my dad, and he waters them at night). This should correlate somewhat with the person’s comment (my friend who works in the nursery selling Envizyme and recommended it) that the electrolytes are attracted to and congregate at the roots and allows excess moisture to bypass the roots and prevent rot.

Other than the amount of soil I’d used initially when the balsam seeds were sowed, I’ve not topped either pots up with soil. The pot with the tag seems fuller probably because I’d been testing the Envizyme on it.

As usual, the pot with the plant tag in it is the one with Envizyme.

Plants without.

Plants with.

Comparison of larger plant stalks in each pot; doesn’t seem to have much differences (right pot is the one with Envyzime).

Comparison of smaller plant stalks in each pot; noticeable differences (left pot is the one with Envizyme).