A call out to the person/persons who did a search for ‘stores selling sage smudge sticks in Singapore,’ and for any others who are looking for smudge sticks, you can try these holistic stores:

1. Sacred Space at Peninsula Shopping Center 4th level;
2. Spellboundz at Peninsula Shopping Center 4th level;
3. Basic Essence at Cluny Court 4th level.

These places should sell white sage smudge, or a combination of herbs like dragonblood and sage, lavender, sweetgrass braids, cedar, desert sage etc. Loose leaves of white sage are usually also sold, although you might want to use an abalone shell or other shells to hold them while they’re burning.

Alternatively, I have one spare desert sage smudge for sale at about $12. It’s the smaller one, if anyone is interested.

Let me know if any of you need help. Just leave a comment on any post.