(Gardening happy) Star phlox


Last one.

(Gardening happy) Star phlox

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I don’t know how not to feel even the remotest bit cheered up when I see these…

(Misc.) Star phlox


(Flowering) Star phlox

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Two of my star phlox stalks have graced me with blooms. =3

I love the variegation. =3

The other stalk might have white flowers? =3

The white flower on the other stalk

(Worm bin) New system


I used to have a small worm bin system. I had to get used to keeping worms and learning about them. I also had to hide the system and worms from my family, especially from my dad, since he has an extreme phobia of worms, for no reason.

I soon grew tired of having used cheap and low quality containers for my worms, especially since their worm poo and worm tea seem to really have helped the health and quality of my plants quite a bit. After using worm tea/poo and Envizyme’s Gondwana fertilizer alternately, I’ve seen an 80 to 90% reduction in pests on my plants. There used to be a lot of scales; now, I see the occasional one which I leave alone.

So, I think my wormies deserve better. And I also want to encourage them to reproduce and fill up the new bin, so that I can recycle green waste a lot more and also use the castings for my plants.

Left container has PVC pipes holding the right one up; it's to collect leachate; the right container will house the worms

I used the leg portion of a pantyhose to pull over the lid and airholes to discourage any more adventurous worms

The worms, their casting, two halves of an egg shell, and crumbled old soil in their new home

My old bin system

(Photography) Star phlox


My two star phlox plants have been forming flower buds in preparation for the (hopefully) burst of colors that is so typical of this species. I can’t wait.

(Raspberry) Harvesting


For Curiousgardener, who wanted to see pictures of the harvested raspberry fruits. =3

(These two were for my partner, lol)

Had to get to them before the birds got to them. 😛

(Propagation and harvesting) Raspberry


I wanted to title this post “Raspberry HEE” but thought it a bit too hyper.

The three raspberry cuttings I’d taken a few days ago have gone limp. Well, the two in my room (and which I’d semi-sealed up in plastic bags) have gone pretty limp and some leaves had wilted; the one in my balcony which is in shade just has tender leaves with the slightest bit of wilt.

Worried, I’d gone to the garden, intending to dig up the oldest newly-formed sucker (there are three!) when I saw that the first ripe raspberry was ripped partway, and was hanging there by the barest thread. So, without noticing that my fingers had bits of soil, I plucked it off and put it in my mouth.


It had the barest taste of sweetness with no hint of sourness. The perfect raspberry, my friend says.

Afraid that the other ripe fruit would suffer the same fate, I ate it too. 😛 Sorry, no pictures. LOL.

But, I’ve separated one sucker from the mother plant, and am waiting for the other two suckers to grow up quickly. This plant seems pretty prolific. No wonder the raspberry is treated like a bramble-weed in some countries.

The oldest raspberry sucker

Tap root and feeder roots

The thorns. At this young age, they're bristly and soft instead of hard and thorny

The potted-up sucker

(Misc.) Reddening raspberry fruits


Some raspberry fruits are turning redder by the day! =3

(Misc.) Raspberry


Oh man. My raspberry plant just sent out a sucker today! =3

It’s still quite small, but…*crosses fingers* I hope it grows larger ASAP!

I’m going to be doing stem cuttings tomorrow to try to root it. =)

(Misc.) Raspberry


Just happy to share about seven to ten fruits forming on my raspberry plant. =3

Raspberry 'Heritage'

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