I used to have a small worm bin system. I had to get used to keeping worms and learning about them. I also had to hide the system and worms from my family, especially from my dad, since he has an extreme phobia of worms, for no reason.

I soon grew tired of having used cheap and low quality containers for my worms, especially since their worm poo and worm tea seem to really have helped the health and quality of my plants quite a bit. After using worm tea/poo and Envizyme’s Gondwana fertilizer alternately, I’ve seen an 80 to 90% reduction in pests on my plants. There used to be a lot of scales; now, I see the occasional one which I leave alone.

So, I think my wormies deserve better. And I also want to encourage them to reproduce and fill up the new bin, so that I can recycle green waste a lot more and also use the castings for my plants.

Left container has PVC pipes holding the right one up; it's to collect leachate; the right container will house the worms

I used the leg portion of a pantyhose to pull over the lid and airholes to discourage any more adventurous worms

The worms, their casting, two halves of an egg shell, and crumbled old soil in their new home

My old bin system