1. Link back to the person who invited/tagged you, and link back to this post.
I was invited by The Sage Butterfly to do this Earth Day Meme. Shall attempt to complete it best as I can.

2. List at least three books that inspired you to perform any sustainable living act or inspired you to live green, and then tell us why they inspired you. These books do not have to be about green living. Nonfiction and fiction apply.
– The Lord of the Rings
– Finding Sanctuary in Nature (a book on shamanism)
– By Oak, Ash and Thorn (a book on neo-shamanism)
– Wolf Totem (fiction book on a Chinese student living in Mongolia for some time, raising a wolf cub, and learning about the cultures of the Mongolians and about how their lives are intertwined with the wolves’)

3. Select at least three other blogs to invite/tag for the project and post a link to them. Let each of the invitees know they have been tagged by emailing them or posting a comment on their blog and linking them back to this post to get the rules.
Not sure if I’m able to do this since most people are busy, but I shall try.

4. Let the person who tagged you know when you have published your Earth Day Reading Project post.

5. All posts must be completed by midnight EDT April 23, 2011. If you are invited/tagged on April 23, 2011, then skip Rule #3 above. If you want, go ahead and do a shout-out to some blogs.

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