I’ve had people ask me how I germinate seeds so easily, or how I sow seeds, and thought that this short post might help a little bit.

I’ve found that seeds germinate a lot better when they receive enough light and humidity. Instead of following instructions on seed packets to press the seeds into this-and-this depth into the soil, and then cover them lightly, I simply press the seeds into the surface of the soil enough so that a small depression is caused which helps to retain a little more moisture and keep the seeds moist, water the soil thoroughly one time, and then place the pots in a clear, enclosed container. I place the container where it can get direct sun as much as possible, or bright light as an alternative.

Sometimes, I get too lazy to sow the seeds into individual thumbpots and just place a layer of soil into the clear container itself, and then surface sow the seeds before I cover the container up. But this method does get messy after a while, since the soil tends to compact and sometimes you get other weird stuff or algae or moss growing on the soil.

I’d usually either leave a small opening for minimal ventilation to minimize the risk of the seeds having fungus grown on them, or I open the cover totally for a few minutes everyday. However, one will have to take note to occasionally replenish the evaporated water, so as to keep the conditions moist, still.

To date, this method is my most successful one at germinating seeds. Of course, I do occasionally place the seeds on an aromatherapy burner to heat them up, or soak them for two to three days, but those are for the supposedly or notoriously harder and more reluctant to sprout seeds. For all others, the container method works very well.