As this is my first time growing the plains coreopsis, what more from seeds, I’m rather intrigued by the various stages the plant goes through, whether it’s in its changing leaf shape, or anything else.

With a passing glance, I thought that the plants I’d grown from seeds were simply just growing larger (and hopefully, healthier). But when I took the pot in to put some soil over the surface (they’re currently grown on pure compost), I saw that some of the leaves had different shapes than the rest. To be sure, it is currently a small ratio. But still, it’s quite intriguing.

Some of the leaves are starting to take on the shape and design unique to that of the plains coreopsis. It’s quite cute, I think, looking a little bit like cosmos leaves, or perhaps like dill.

I should probably be dividing the plants into at least one other pot this week, since roots have already started growing out from the drainage holes beneath the pots

I’m looking forward very much to growing this plant to its flowering stage.

Nice thick plantlets forming and growing

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