The main stem is about 7mm thick or so

I can’t really remember when it was I last sowed my purple-flower comfrey seeds, but at the moment, I have one adult plant which is still growing, and one baby seedling.

I’ve noticed that plants from temperate zones seem to have yellow leaves when they grow in Singapore’s tropical climate, no matter if the plant is healthy. I’ve had the same experience growing borage, where, even though the plant is pest-free, sturdy and healthy, leaves take on an almost-sickly yellow after some time. I’ve been told by a friend that his temperate plants are also like that. So…

Upsized to a six-inch pot

Anyway, I’ve just upsized the pot of my adult comfrey, and am waiting to let it get root-bound again before I again upsize the pot. I plan to try growing some comfreys to flowering stages, to see if I can, and also because I like the flowers.

Even at the size it is now, however, its main stem is really thick. It’s quite heartening to see, since I may one day sacrifice an adult plant to chop up its roots to propagate.

Now, to wait for my yellow-flower comfrey seeds to sprout…

The yellowing leaves so typical of temperate plants in our tropical climate

New leaves always grow out healthy and green though