I’ve been following Petunia’s fertilizing regime for about two cycles now. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to see results this soon/this late, but from a lack of anything better to do, I went to check up on the values of the various things I’ve been feeding to my plants.

Her plants are doing extremely well! So I went to check on my plants. I can’t decide if they’re doing well or not. Heh heh. Some of them have the occasional pest (the random scale insects or mealy bugs, but no more red spider mites), but I wouldn’t call any of the plants infested. None of them suffer from fungal diseases.

Following Pet’s cycle, I’ve fed:
Fermented milk (evaporated milk + white sugar crystals + yakult + baker’s yeast)
Phostrogen all-purpose plant feed
Seaweed extract from Horti
Poly Fert-P from World farm
Fish emulsion from Horti
(The occasional diluted worm tea)

The first three values correspond to the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in the fertilizer. These are the macro elements each plant needs in varying amounts, I believe. I won’t talk about the trace elements or micro nutrients yet, since I’ve yet to fully understand their ratios.
Phostrogen: 14:10:27 (plus various other elements printed at the bottom of the box)
Seaweed extract: 4:3:2 + TE
Fish emulsion: 5:1.5:1.5
Poly Fert-P: 15:45:15

From these values, I feel as if I’m still over-feeding my plants (currently all leafy plants; mostly herbs) the N content, especially with the Phostrogen and Poly Fert-P.

I think I might tweak the current regime, and make it as:
Fermented milk
Seaweed extract
Phostrogen and Poly Fert-P on alternate cycles (use as foliar spray instead of watering into the soil, to prevent mineral build-up)
Worm tea (occasionally)

Let’s see if my plants react better to this regime.

(With thanks to Pet for allowing us to learn from and use her regime)