I’m not a fan of using chemical stuff on my plants most of the time. I like the organic way, because a lot of the methods I use reuse things which would otherwise be treated as mere waste.

But, there are some times when the delicate balance between healthy plants and a minimal amount of pests gets tipped over.

After converting to using worm poo to feed my plants frequently, the presence of pests infesting my plants has severely nosedived. The only pests I find are the random scale insects, and, as I found out yesterday, three or four of the lowest leaves of my raspberry baby plant having about 10 spider mites each or so.

I recently took a few pots of plants back from a friend’s place. I didn’t know that the plants had white flies, and that my friend had tried fighting them off to little avail.

When this kind of thing happens, through no fault of his/her/my own, the balance in my own garden gets tipped. I’ve had enough of experiences fighting off infestations of pests – it gets tiring more than quickly.

So, I turn from using things like garbage enzyme, to using a pesticide my dad bought in 2006. I have no idea of the compounds, but it’s so strong that five years after buying it, he/I/we haven’t finished using it even. The dilution rate must be very high, to prevent leaf burn and plant death.

I haven’t touched chemical pesticide for well over two years. It infuriates me that I have to resort to it now, but I really need to control the darn white fly infestation before it gets severely out of hand.

Ah well. As long as I remember not to consume anything within two weeks to a month of spraying this.