Phone quality picture of my worm tea in the making

After having sprayed commercial pesticide on my plants, I was rather annoyed at myself for having done so.

I can’t really remember what triggered me spending the whole of yesterday trying to Google up information, but the gist of the story is that someone had once told me that worm tea, used as a foliar spray on plants, repelled pests. Since, after having fertilizing my plants with worm poo often and seeing a marked decrease in pests, I thought that the tea idea was interesting and definitely possible.

Googling simply brought up hundreds of sites all claiming the same fact – worm tea repels pests. Why? None of them said why. How? The answer still eludes me.

Whatever the case, I’ve made my own batch of worm tea to try. I used the old and dirtied pantyhose I’d pulled over the lid of my worm bin (have replaced it with a Daiso wash bag which is more durable), tied a knot over one opening, filled it up a bit, and then tied another knot to seal the casting inside. I filled a container with de-chlorinated water (I have a filter on my taps), dumped the worm-cast-filled stocking in, and added a tablespoon of raw (muscovado) sugar to feed the beneficial bacteria.

I shall harvest the tea tomorrow and spray on all my plants. Hopefully, within a few days, I won’t see any white flies at all.