Garbage enzyme has been a really useful household product for me. I’ve Googled and read some pages where people say there are no hard scientific papers which back up the uses of the G.E., and I agree on that.

However, I believe that personal experiences do contribute a little to whether the G.E. really works or not. And for me, it has shown that it works, especially on pests which breathe through their skin, such as scale insects or mealy bugs or red spider mites.

Today, I found out that both my variegated peppermint plants were infected with scales. By infected, I mean hundreds of insects on my plants. It was horrifying. Out came the G.E. and I sprayed liberally.

There’s an interesting (or perhaps not so) thing I’ve noticed with scales – when they’re alive and you try to pry them off, you will have to angle a pointed object at the right angle beneath the carapace of the insect, and then flick it off hard. To know if it’s alive or not, if it takes you more than a few tries to get it off, well, it is; and if, with one casual scrape, the carapaces come off, then they’re dead.

After the liberal spraying of the G.E., I used the pointed end of my plant tag to push against the carapaces. ALL (yes, all) of them came off with minimal help from me.

Whatever the lack of scientific evidences, I know that G.E. helps me in gardening at the very least. Or, at least, with killing scale insects.