I’ve always been one for conservation when I could, and recycling non-biodegradable things is one of the ways in which I try to do on a frequent basis.

I’m not entirely sure which particular website I got the idea from; however, it was a link that was posted by a Green Culture Singapore member about a year back. I was hooked to the idea of converting unused pop bottles into pots of sorts, and also creating a water reservoir for them.

The method is simple: just cut off the top of the bottle about two inches away from the mouth, invert the top portion and place it into the bottom. It should look somewhat like this.

You can also place a wicking thread through the mouth of the bottle before topping it up with soil, LECA bits, or coarse vermiculite. The wick will draw the water up and ensure a fairly constant supply of moisture to your seedlings or plants.

The end product should look somewhat like this. Now you can get more ‘free’ pots and save the earth at the same time.