(Flowering) Hoya lacunosa

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The no ID hoya which a fellow gardener gave me in the form of cuttings in March has flowered. It’s been identified as the H. lacunosa.

Very tiny pretty flowers, with a subtly sweet scent.

It definitely was a very pleasant surprise. =)

Cute little cluster of flowers

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(Purchases) Hoya compacta and two other plants

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My partner and I popped by the local pasar malam (Malay for ‘night market,’ although the stalls open some time in the afternoon and close late at night) near my house. There was a stall selling some assortment of plants, and I was drawn to the hanging ones: small little compact plants grown in snail shells.

Each cost $3. My partner bought me two, and one for my dad.

So fun and cute. =)

Hoya compacta aka Indian Rope Plant

I dunno what this is yet, but the variegated tiny leaves are cute.

This one for my dad.

Note: This blog will be closed and used as an archive from the third week of July onwards. Please update your links to The Garden I Live In. Thank you.

(Photography) Hoya obscura


(In progress) Hoyas

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Hoya curtisii

Friends (especially gardening friends) who’ve known me for a long time, will know that ever since I started growing plants, I’ve adamantly stuck to growing only herbs or vegetables, or carnivorous plants. I love the scent of herbs; I love the idea that I can eat my own vegetables; and I love carnivorous plants for their (supposed?) ability to trap insects and rid my garden of them.

Well, that was, until recently.

With the knowledge that I’ll be getting my own flat looming in the coming few years, and with the knowledge that I probably might not be able to get as good sunlight there as I do at my parents’ home now, I’ve started looking at some other plants which might be able to take bright shade, and yet still provide enough growing pleasure for me.

NOID hoya

I’ve longed liked the hoya species for their sometimes-strange-sometimes-beautiful flowers. And because this species flower best in bright shade, I finally started growing them, both for beautifying my gardening space, and to learn in greater depth what conditions they thrive in.

I was at first worried that I’ll botch a lot of the cuttings friends gave me, since herbs, in my experience, can be finnicky in putting out roots. Despite reassurances that hoyas root easily, I was still worried. Although, I should have been more worried with my watering regime than rooting them.

After a few months of growing them both as potted plants I’ve bought, and from cuttings friends had kindly given to me, I’ve more or less found a balance that they seem to like: watering twice weekly, giving them bright shade with the occasional direct sunlight, and daily misting.

Hoya pubicalyx

Too much watering, however well-draining a media I’d placed them in, had rotted a few cuttings which had not put roots out. Thankfully, I’d had spares, and those have now rooted happily.

I’m not sure when the cuttings will grow established enough to put out flowers, but I sure look forward to the day that they do.

(Gardening happys) Hoya multiflora, nepenthes


My Hoya multiflora has FINALLY bloomed after having had many flowers abort. This is so exciting!

Not the greatest picture, but it shows the size of my newly-acquired Nepenthes ampullaria-spotted x albomarginata

(Photography) Hoya carnosa variegated flowers


Shot and processed with iPhone 4

(Photography) Hoya flowers


Hoya carnosa variegated flowers.

H. carnosa flower close-up.

H. carnosa flower close-up - I LOVE the fuzz on the flowers!

Hoya obscura flowers close-up

H. obscura - unopened cluster of flowers

(New purchases) Hoyas


I finally decided to let myself go slightly into hoya plants, in preparation for when I finally get my place I don’t know when. I’m planning for the worst case scenario, in which we can’t get a flat with good sunlight directions and hours.

And since the hoya does well with hours of bright shade, and I love some of the genuses of flowers, I decided: go buy a few cheap ones to try out.

Pictures were shot with the iPhone so the quality isn’t the best.

Hoya carnosa variegated

Hoya obscura?

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