Mae govannen an Asëa Aranion

I have decided that this will be my main gardening blog now, after moving over from Plants’ Stories, to write more informative articles on how I grow my plants in a high-rise setting, all my trials and crazy experiments and all. I’ve decided to neaten up posts as well, so that information are more condensed and easier to access.

A reason for naming this blog Asëa Aranion: it means Athelas in Sindarin, the language of the Grey Elves in The Lord of the Rings, a world which I love dearly. Athelas refers to a healing herb which was used by many, having a pungent yet refreshing scent when crushed and cast into warm water. It’s rumored to bring strength to weary souls.

And after all, that is what gardening and growing is partly about – seeing green life thrive beneath one’s touch and one’s words and one’s care.

Yet, with life, comes death, whether through overuse of a certain plant, or any other factors.

It’s a fine balance we walk. However, I digress.

So I’ll simply say…mae govannen, mellyn nîn.

Welcome in.

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