(Gardening happys) Hoya multiflora, nepenthes


My Hoya multiflora has FINALLY bloomed after having had many flowers abort. This is so exciting!

Not the greatest picture, but it shows the size of my newly-acquired Nepenthes ampullaria-spotted x albomarginata

(Gardening happy) Sunbird


There is this mated pair of sunbirds (olive-backed sunbirds, I suspect) which ALWAYS come to my house every morning and evening without fail, to drink nectar from my dad’s bonsai flowers.

I finally managed to remember to be there today evening, and shot some pictures of one of them.

The tiny claws! =3

Picture is noisy because I went into digital zoom on my Canon S5.

Same issue with the noise.

(Gardening happy) Star phlox


Last one.

(Gardening happy) Star phlox

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I don’t know how not to feel even the remotest bit cheered up when I see these…

(Black-eyed susan) Flower


The opened flower.

(Gardening happy) Rudbeckia flower forming


Such a pretty little thing. =)

(Gardening happy) Portulaca flowers


Honestly, how can one not feel cheered up when seeing a whole bunch of portulaca flowers bloom like that? =)

(Gardening happys) Gardening EXTREMELY happy!

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Forgive some weird grammar or whatever else errors for now. I am ecstatic. I just bought myself two allspice plants. =D

I’ve waited for well over a year to get this. Finally!

Bad picture with harsh flash, but oh well. 😛

(Gardening happys) A new pot of portulaca

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I went to World Farm to look for my much-wanted carnations ‘sweet williams’ but was told they were sold out. Disappointed, I nevertheless continued walking through the whole nursery, all the way to the back and back to the front. And it was there at the back that I found another variation or variety of the portulaca I’d bought a few weeks back.

It was well worth it! =D

The whole pot.

Red center and yellow outsides. The center is quite…frilly thing, kinda.

An almost bright-pink center. So contrasting! That was why I bought this pot.

(Gardening happys) Portulaca flowers

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I was never much of a flower person. Even now, I am not. But somehow, portulaca flowers cheer me up extremely well.

Very cheerful flowers. Too bad the sunlight this morning wasn’t good enough to take better shots.

Yellow portulaca.

Dark pink portulaca.

Portulaca with slight variegation.

Zinna flowers silhouetted against the sky.

Big red zinnia.

Pink zinnia.

(Gardening happys) White sage smudge, sage and cedar smudge

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1 Burning white sage leaves and smelling the memories of earth and soil and paws running over soft, loose soil in the scent.

2 Burning sage and cedar leaves and letting the sweet fragrance of the scents go deep into me, and feeling both a sense of earth and air.

3 Feeling calmer from both scents.

4 Thanking the white sage plant in my room for its family’s/relative’s contribution to the smudge stick and loose leaves I have and use.

5 Thanking the smudge sticks for their help.

(Gardening happys) Sunbird, spiders


1 A sunbird startled itself by not seeing me and landing on my plant barely 20cm from my face. Then it saw me, flew backward and kinda hovered, and then chirped at me vigorously like it was scolding me.

2 Finding a small family of tiny spiders barely 3mm across licing beneath the leaves of some of my plants. Cute little critters. I left them alone.

/end happys/ =)

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